Dr. Sharmin Sultana Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Research Interest


My main research focuses on the theoretical study of Nonlinear Wave Dynamics (electrostatic/electromagnetic wave in the form of localized nonlinear wavepackets and solitary excitations (solitons), and shock structures) in plasma medium, with emphasis on applications in Plasma Modeling; space, astrophysical and laboratory plasmas; relativistic/ultra-relativistic plasmas; strongly/weakly coupled dusty plasmas and laser produced laboratory plasmas. The research related to the following topics can be seen in the link here.

Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Dynamics & Applications:

Modeling of nonlinear wave propagation in dispersive media, taking into account: nonlinearity & dispersion laws; forcing & dissipative effects; modulational instability and wave coupling.

Nonlinear PDEs – Soliton and shock theory (formal): stability, conservation properties, interactions, effect of perturbations. Generic paradigms include: Korteweg de Vries (KdV), KdV Burgers, Burgers, nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS); in higher dimensionality: modified KdV, Gardner, Zakharov-Kuznetsov (ZK) equation(s).

My recent interests are to analyze the nonlinear envelope mode in dissipative plasma medium, usually modeled by modified nonlinear Schrödinger equations (named as Complex Ginzburg-Landau equation); large amplitude solitary excitations in self-gravitational strongly coupled plasmas, modeled via the pseudo-potential approach.

Nonlinear Waves and Instabilities in Plasmas:

Nonlinear excitations, solitons and associated nonlinear instabilities, modulated envelope wave packets, modulational instability.

Electrostatic and electromagnetic waves in Space and laboratory plasmas: electron-positron plasmas, pair ion plasmas, multi-ion plasmas, two-electron temperature plasmas.

Nonlinear phenomena in rotational compact astrophysical objects: degenerate quantum plasmas, electron-positron plasmas, electron-positron-ion plasmas in neutron stars, white dwarf stars, etc.

Dusty Plasmas (Complex Plasmas):

Opposite polarity dusty plasmas: wave propagation, dispersion properties, instabilities, and electrostatic interaction laws.

Strongly coupled dusty plasmas: nonlinear wave propagation including self-gravitational effect.



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