Dr. Rubina Rahman Professor, Department of Physics

Research Interest

Fied of interest: Health and Radiation Physics; Medical Physics


Being a Health Physicist interested in achieving the highest proficiency in scientific as well as professional preferably in the field of Environmental Radioactivity/Environmental hazard and Risk assessment of nuclear industry. 



1.  Tenth Annual Radiation Measurements Cross Calibration (RMCC-10) Workshop applications to        Nuclear Safeguards and Security; October 19-21, 2015 - Abu Dhabi, UAE.

2. Two months IAEA Fellowship training on “Radiation Protection in the specialized field of

    Environmental Radioactivity and Radiation safety” held at Center for Medical, Health and Environmental

    Physics, Queensland University of Science and Technology, from 15th Jan-Mar 2001; Brisbane, Australia.

3. One month group training on “Environmental Radioactivity Analysis and Measurements”; Japan

    Chemical Analysis Centre (JCAC), Chiba, Japan. Organized by Japan International Co-operation

    Agency (JICA) from 11Th Aug’2003 to 15th Sep’2003.

4. The IAEA/BAEC National Training Workshop on “The System of Notification, Authorization, Inspection and     Enforcement for the Inspectors”. Jointly organized by IAEA & BAEC at Atomic Energy Centre in 7-16th          Mar’ 2000.

5. Training course on “Application of GIS in Research and development of BAEC” held in Nuclear

    Mineral Units, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh from 14-21 Dec’ 2004.



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