Nafisa Nawal Islam Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

  1. Abstract "Bangladesh Barcode of Life (BdBOL)" accepted for a poster presentation at the 7th International Barcode of Life Conference, to be held from November 20th-24th in Kruger National Park, South Africa                                                                                                                                   (P.S.: Accepted abstracts will be published in a special open-access issue of the journal Genome and will be made available online shortly before the conference.)
  2. Abstract “DNA barcoding and phylogenetic relationship of Channa from Bangladesh” on the Proceedings of 20th National Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Zoological Society of Bangladesh (ZSB). Sabrina Rahman Dina, Nafisa Nawal Islam, Luthfun Nahar, Md. Sagir Ahmed. Date: 31 December 2016. 
  3. Abstract “Potential reasons behind the destruction of the river Buriganga and reviving it back through various biological approaches” on the Proceedings of 61 Years of DNA Double Helix organized by Young Biotechnologists of Bangladesh (youngBB).
  4. Abstract “Best Management Practices and Adaptation Strategies for mitigating the Potential Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in the Perspective of Bangladesh” on the Proceedings of 2nd Annual National Conference on Natural Science and Technology- 2015 (NCNST-2015) organized by Asian University of Women (AUW). Date: 17-18 April, 2015
  5. Abstract and Oral presentation on “How Mobile Applications can help minimizing Deaths and Injuries resulting from Violence and Accidents” on the Proceedings of NCNST-2015 organized by AUW. Date: 17-18 April, 2015 
  6. Abstract ‘‘Ameliorating effects of tea extract against arsenic-mediated toxicity in mice’’ in National Conference on Biochemistry, Industry and Sustainable Economy organized by Bangladesh Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BSBMB). Presenter: Sumit AF. Venue: Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban, University of Dhaka. Date: March 21, 2015.'
  7. Poster "Organ Printing" in the AIUB-MPH DQS-SSMC 1st Global Health Festival-2014 organized by American International University of Bangladesh. Date: 13 June, 2014
  8. Poster “Gene Therapy - From A Vision to Reality” and Genetic Fingerprinting - Processing Bio ID Cards” in 4th Biochemistry Olympiad. Date: 22 December, 2012