Muhammad Ullah Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Research Interest

History of Philosophy, History of Ethics, Epistemology, Education, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Comparative Political Philosophy, Contemporary Issues in Islamic Thought, Critical thinking.   

Journals Papers

Higher Education Policy in Bangladesh: An Analysis

Muhammad Ullah Higher Education Policy in Bangladesh: An Analysis Copula: Jahangirnagar University Studies in Philosophy, Vol. XXXI, June 2014

Abstract: This paper addresses the gap between higher education policy 2010 and prevailing scenario of higher education in Bangladesh. The point of discussion in this paper is set to see: Firstly the philosophical ground of higher education which includes goals, purposes, nature and function of higher education upon which policy is built. Secondly to justify whether the expected result is attainable through this higher education policy or existing conditions support to implement this policy. Finally some suggestions are recommended.


Bachelor's Thesis Supervision

Academic Session: 2015-2016

  1. Political Philosophy of Allama Iqbal: State, Nation and Nationalism (English)

  2. Family Education in Islam (English)

  3. Contribution of Allama Iqbal in Muslim Renaissance (Bangla)

  4. Allama Iqbal's Theory of Khudi: An Analysis (bangla)

  5. Development of Muslim Philosophy (Bangla)

Research Project Funded (Special Allocation) by University Grant Commission

Year: 2013-2014  Development of Quality in Teaching and Learning: Study area JU campus

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2014-2015  Understanding Student’s Approach to Critical Thinking: A Study on the First Year Students in                                 the Department of Philosophy at JU

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2015-2016  Predicting student enrollment at Philosophy department in Jahangirnagar University-A Case                                   study for the Period of 2001-2014

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2016-2017  Necessity of Critical Thinking as a Course in University: Some Suggestions

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2017-2018  A Comparative Syllabus Study of Undergraduate Program in Philosophy at Two Public                                           Universities in Bangladesh (Proposal Submitted)

Duration: 1 Year

Research Project Funded by Jahangirnagar University

Year: 2012-2013  Efficacy of Arts Learning: Apprehending the Gap between Facts and Goal

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2013-2014  An Analysis of Philosophical Foundation of National Education Policy 2010

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2014-2015  An Evaluation of Student’s Response to Philosophy Teaching: A Case Study in the                                                 Department of Philosophy at Jahangirnagar University

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2015-2016 Measuring Students’ Attitude to Undergraduate Research in Philosophy: A Study in the                                         Department of Philosophy at Jahangirnagar University

Duration: 1 Year  

Year: 2016-2017  An Exposition of Russell’s View on University Education

Duration: 1 Year

Year: 2017-2018  Admission Test for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Quality Question versus Unit and                                      Department Dispute (Proposal Submitted)

Duration: 1 Year