Md. Mujibul Anam (Labib) Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

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Public Health Anthropology, Social Justice, and Environment

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When sexuality is in a research topic! The methodological challenges in sexuality and street healing research in Bangladesh.




Environment, Political Economics and Livelihood Change


This is a book chapter of the book 'Environment,Migration and Adaptation: Evidence and Politics of ClimateChange in Bangladesh'. The authors of this chapter are Brooke A. Ackerly, Mujibul Anam, and Jonathan Gilligan. This book is edited byBishawjit Mallick and Benjamin Etzold. 

Publisher: AHDPH, Dhaka, January 2015

Abstract of the chapter 



Between the national and household factors, community or “meso-level” changesin political economy and livelihoods in southwestern Bangladesh illustrate that inorder to understand the impacts on people and nations of climate change-relatedenvironmental changes – changes that are expected to include rising sea level,saline inundation, and increased likelihood and intensity of cyclones in Bangla-desh – we need to understand the dynamics of the built and natural environmentand the political economies these sustain. Meso-level political economies affectthe sources of income and livelihood available in distressed environmental condi-tions, and therefore influence how well the people in them can adapt to changingenvironmental conditions. In this study we have seen the underlying politicaleconomies whose dynamics, and not slow onset environmental changes or disas-trous environmental events, are pushing Bangladeshis to incorporate migrationstrategies into their livelihood strategies.


Sex, Pornography and Medicines in the Markets of Dhaka

Publisher: Routledge

Publication Date: Jun 25, 2012

Publication Name: Technologies of Sexuality, Identity and Sexual Health; Edited by Lenore Manderson

Peoples’ participation in the development projects: debates and research experiences (Bengali)