Md. Mehedi Hasan Assistant Professor, Department of Urban & Regional Planning

Research Interest

  1. Environmental Planning and Management

  2. Urban Planning

Conference Papers

Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP): A Field Study on Rangamati Pourashava

Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) at Rangamati paurashava.

Journals Papers

The Best Practices of Coping Strategies during Hazards: A Lesson from Local Charland Women

Coping strategies during hazards, a lesson from local Charland women

Rapid Visual Screening: An Assessment of the Impact of Earthquake on Critical Infrastructures in Two Wards of Dhaka City

Earthquake in Dhaka city

Urban Intensification: the Evolution of Urban Sprawl and its Evidence on Land Use Transformation of Savar Municipality

Land use transformation at Savar paurashava

Planned Development for Urban Growth Management: A Case Study on two Wards of Dhaka City

Urban growth management in Dhaka city

Management of Playground by City Corporation: An Investigation into the nature of Problems and Future Directions for Improvement

Playgrounds in Dhaka city