K M Akkas Ali Associate Professor, Institute of Information Technology

Short Biography

Mr. K M Akkas Ali is an Associate Professor of the Institute of Information Technology (IIT), Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Presently he is working as the Director of IIT. Mr Akkas Ali has also served as the Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the same Institute. He has completed his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

Beside teaching profession, he has also performed other activities like the Assistant Proctor of JU, House Tutor in residential Halls of the same university. At present Mr. K M Akkas Ali is serving as the Warden of Sheikh Hasina Hall (the largest hall) of Jahangirnagar University. 

Beside conducting classes, exams etc at the IIT, he is also conducting IT related classes to other departments/ universities of Bangladesh. Already he has published 13 articles and 5 books.